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Full-Stack Developer

  • Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
€52,500 - €64,500 per yearProduct

Job description

About Pacmed

At Pacmed we develop world leading AI-based decision-support software for intensive care doctors. It’s a hugely exciting area where we’re breaking boundaries every day. We have currently implemented our software in our first ICUs, and we are currently developing new exciting features and prototypes, with the ambition to scale across the Netherlands and beyond. We’re looking for a (medior) Full-Stack Developer who’s excited to further develop our products into impactful tools to help improve the level of medical care for as many patients as possible.

Why Pacmed is a great place to work

  • We're a dynamic startup committed to improving healthcare globally

  • We’re committed to creating an inclusive environment for our team

  • We’re a talented bunch of people dedicated to helping each other grow

  • We foster a culture of kindness and respect

  • We're a team of ambitious and fun-loving people, with regular team events

What this role is all about

As a Full-Stack Developer, you will sit –or stand, if you prefer– right at the center of Pacmed's software development process. You will report to the Lead Software Engineer (Michele), and work closely with a group of talented young developers and engineers in the Product Development team: Sofia (ML Engineer), Geert (Senior ML Engineer), Prathiksha (Data Engineer), Sophie (Front-End Developer), and Ivan (Data Engineer). Guided by Leon, our technical Product Manager, you will also often interact with designers, UX researchers, medical experts and intensive care doctors, DevOps and cloud engineers, data scientists and AI specialists.


€52.500 - €64.500, depending on professional maturity for a full-time position (40 hours). Includes holiday allowance, paid monthly

Experience level:

Mid-level (~3 years of experience)

Hours per week:

Between 32 and 40

Additional compensation:

Additional monthly pension contribution equal to 6% of gross salary
Stock appreciation rights (SARs)

Vacation days per year: 

25 (plus national holidays), with the possibility to purchase 5 extra days

What would be expected of you

  • Design and develop the frontend and backend of the product

  • Debugging and fixing our software

  • Own portions of the codebase, contributing to planning their expansion, integration, and maintenance

  • Write meaningful and useful tests (unit, integration, and end-to-end)

  • Create and test releases, including supporting configurations and documentation

  • Collaborate with product designers and user researchers to implement UI designs

  • Contribute to increasing the software engineering skills and knowledge of the team

  • Coach junior developers

  • Participate in validation and verification activities, according to the latest medical and information security regulations

(scroll all the way to the bottom for a short list of requirements)

The perks of working at Pacmed

👵🏽  Sponsored contribution of an equivalent of 6% of your salary to a private pension fund

💡  Development Day once a month – spend a full working day learning what you want!

📚  Yearly budget for learning and development

🎪  Monthly social events, with quarterly outings and yearly off-site

🏠  Flexible working arrangements, working remotely between 0 and 4 days a week, usually with a minimum of 1 day at the office. It's also possible to work remotely for longer periods, as long as it's aligned with your manager and your team

🤓  Weekly internal tech sessions to learn about new tools, ways of working, or your colleagues' side projects

👩🏻‍💻  Company laptop and phone

🖥️  Home office equipment provided (monitor and adjustable desk)

🥗  Lunch provided daily at the office, with plenty of vegetarian and vegan options 

🍿  Always-available snacks, coffee, tea, fruit (plenty!), and drinks for after-work borrels

🙏🏻  Option to customize public holidays: swap any standard Christian holiday for alternative days to accommodate personal or religious observances

🏖️  Possibility to take a 3-months sabbatical once employed with a permanent contract

🏋🏽  A ClassPass subscription

🚴  Team-driven groups for cycling, bouldering, board games, etc.

Our Tech Stack

Our software is written in Python and Javascript (Typescript). To aid us in our development and deployment process, we use a variety of tools such as Spark, Docker, FastAPI, SQL, Redis, Terraform and Ansible, all in Linux virtual machines with Azure as our cloud provider. Of course, no single person knows and uses all these tools! So don't worry if you don't know many or most of them. And if you are curious about any of them, you will definitely have the chance to pick them up and learn on the job.

At the same time, we are always eager to add beneficial new technologies to our stack. If you want to contribute your expertise with a specific tool that you love, we have a Tech Funnel process to evaluate and possibly adopt anything that might be interesting and beneficial to the team and/or our product.

Growing at Pacmed

At Pacmed we are fully committed to help you grow in the direction that you envision for yourself. Together with your manager, you will craft a development path to guide you in the process. Every quarter you will review your individual growth goals, both with your manager and your team lead, to make sure that you are working on the right things and achieving the goals you have set for yourself. 

Of course, everyone's professional growth looks different, and every step of the way is highly dependent on a number of factors, including but not limited to one's own performance. 

As a successful Full-stack Developer, here's an example of what the next 5 years at Pacmed could look like:

In the short term (1-3 years) you could grow into a Senior position, in which you will own big(ger) portions of our codebase; design and execute complex tasks; scope and drive medium- and long-term projects; contribute to the strategic vision of the product and tech team; work closely with team leads and product managers to plan work and resources. 

In the longer term (3-5 years), you would decide to follow either the Manager or Individual Contributor track. As a lead/manager, you would start leading teams and managing direct reports, contributing to the company and product strategy, helping to draft goals, manage resources, hiring, etc. As an individual contributor, you would be able to focus on leading the architectural and technical strategy of the tech team, being responsible for large(r) technical decisions and architectural designs, and for delivering code and products of the highest quality.

Hiring process

Note: we will not ask you to do a take-home coding challenge for this position. We value your time, and we do not believe in asking candidates to do unpaid work.

 1️⃣ ✨ Introductory chat

  • With whom? 2 of our colleagues from various teams
  • How long? 45 mins
  • How? Online 
  • What? This will be a way to get to know each other, talk about your background, experience, and motivation, and to see whether Pacmed could be a great fit for you, and what you could bring to the team. We'll also tell you a bit more about the company, team, way of working, and the product, and you can ask any questions you might have about Pacmed or the position.

2️⃣ 🖥️ First Technical Interview (Software)

  • With whom? 2 of our senior engineers
  • How long? 1.5h
  • How? In person at our office, but possible to arrange it online if needed
  • What? This is where you will be able to shine. We will work together on some technical challenges such as performing a code review, create some architectural designs, or other fun problems.
    (If you are applying from outside of the Netherlands and are therefore unable to make it to the office at this stage, don't worry – it will not influence your chances in any way!)

 3️⃣ ⚜️ Second Technical Interview (Design, UX, and Product)

  • With whom? Kieron (Head of Product) & Sophie (Front-End Developer) or one of our UX researchers
  • How long? 45min
  • How? Online
  • What? We will check how you work with design inputs and results from UX research, and how you are able to translate them into technical choices and robust solutions.

4️⃣ 🤙🏻 Final chat (+ optional lunch at the office)

  • With whom? Bas (Head of Engineering) & Michele (Lead Software Engineer)
  • How long? 45min (+)
  • How? In person at our office, but possible to arrange it online if needed
  • What? This will be an informal chat with the HoE and your future manager to go more in depth about your growth plans, motivation, way of working, and culture fit/add. It will also be a chance for you to ask all the questions you might still have after going through the technical interviews. In addition, if you are able to come to the office, we would love for you to have lunch with the rest of the team, to get to know them and have a chance to experience what it means to work from the Pacmed office.
    (If you are applying from outside of the Netherlands and are therefore unable to make it to the office at this stage, don't worry – it will not influence your chances in any way!)

Job requirements


  • Fluency in written and spoken English

  • A minimum of 3 years of experience developing software

  • You are an ambitious team player, motivated to work at Pacmed, who creates positive energy and cares about the well-being and development of others, fitting in an inclusive and respectful working culture


  • Good knowledge of Javascript

  • Fast learner and willingness to learn new technology

  • You have to be eligible to work in the Netherlands (EU)


  • Experience working in a professional development team

At Pacmed, we think there is strength in diversity. Studies show that women and members of underrepresented communities apply for jobs only if they meet 100% of the qualifications. Does this sound like you? If so, Pacmed encourages you to reconsider and apply! Building responsible AI requires diverse perspectives, equitable practices, and integrity every step of the way. This is our commitment.

We’re looking forward to meeting you!